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Why Us

1. The Difference - We know faults and work with them day in  day out. We train all our technicians with our own unique faults manuals created and designed by us for our own 24 hour electricians across Sydney. We have seen your fault many times before thats the difference.


2. The Right Parts - Our vehicles are stocked with the most common emergency electrical parts selected and tailored to Sydney's properties. We always have the right parts onboard.


3. On time - We will have an emergency electrician to your door between 20mins and 2 hours guaranteed.


4. Lifetime Guarantee on work installed by us*


5. 12 Month Parts Guarantee  We offer a 12 month guarantee on all parts supplied by us.


6. We accept Credit Card, Eftpos or Cash  - Including Platinum Visa & Platinum Mastercards.


7. Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a week

Quick Tips! (Send your Sydney tenants to our 24 hour electricians Sydney quick tips page)


o      Check switchboard for tripped circuit breakers or RCD (Safety Switches).


o     Safety switch won't turn on


 Unplug all appliances (yes physically

remove them from the wall socket)


 Don’t Forget these sometimes forgotten


o Dishwasher

o Gas cooktop (power point should be

located in cupboard next to cooker

or  close by)

o Fridge

o Gas hot water (usually

connected to a power point

outside your building)

o Light switches (Turn all light

 switches to the off position)

o Range Hood

 Try resetting safety switch.


o     Still Not Working Try this


  Turn off all CB’s (Circuit Breakers) that

are connected through the RCD (Safety Switch).  CB’s

only  have an up and down switching action unlike RCD's

(Safety Switches) which have an up and down

switching action plus a push button.


  Reset RCD (Safety Switch) and then turn CB’s

on one at a time until you find which CB is

causing the issue.


 Call an Emergency Electrician (yes there is a

difference! emergency electricians are experts in fault

finding, they have more than likely already seen

your type of fault many times before, which can save

a lot of unnecessary time. Installing Electricians on

the other hand have extensive knowledge in new

installations e.g. lighting, power point additions, smoke

alarms etc.


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