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Fault Finding Specialists

Our Difference We know faults ! We have seen your fault many times before thats our difference.

Sydney Emergency Electricians | Your Local 24 hour Electricians Sydney

Experts in the field


Our tradesmen are 24 hour emergency electrician  specialists. We get power back fast Guaranteed.


Sydney emergency electricians tradesmen have been trained in our very own unique electrical breakdown systems. Our manuals are continuously updated with the latest faults in electrical systems.


      Call 24 Hour Emeregncy Electricians now24 Hour Electrician SydneyCall 24 Hour Emeregncy Electricians nowEmeregncy Electricians SydneyHouse FireCause -  Loose connection behind light fitting. Poor quality workmanshipBurning Fuse HolderCause -  Old dilapidated fuse holdersIf you see fuses on your SwitchboardHave them replaced now. The most common electrical item to catch fireBurntout SwitchboardCause -  Dilapidated rewireable fuseBurning Cabling behind wallCause -  Loose Connection.Poor workmanship can cost lives in this industryBurning Cabling behind light SwitchCause -  Old Wiring<>

No Power?

When a unique electrical fault is found by one of our team it is discussed amongst the team and entered into our emergency systems manual. Just Call SYDNEY EMERGENCY ELECTRICIANS on 02 9314 6607


Our tradesmen are honest and respect your properties as if their own. If you've lost power to your property then you can be sure you've come to the right place to restore power safe and quick. We offer real 24 hour emergency electricians in Sydney.



Why Us

1. The Difference - We know faults and work with them day in  day out. We train all our technicians with our own unique faults manuals created and designed by us for our own 24 hour electricians across Sydney. We have seen your fault many times before thats the difference.


2. The Right Parts - Our vehicles are stocked with the most common emergency electrical parts selected and tailored to Sydney's properties. We always have the right parts onboard.


3. On time - We will have an emergency electrician to your door between 20mins and 2 hours guaranteed.


4. Lifetime Guarantee on work installed by us*


5. 12 Month Parts Guarantee  We offer a 12 month guarantee on all parts supplied by us.


6. We accept Credit Card, Eftpos or Cash  - Including Platinum Visa & Platinum Mastercards.


7. Open 24 Hours, 7 Days a week

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